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SSMS/TRecycling old musical ideas and throwing them in a blender with new ideas is all the rage these days. A few years ago, the focus was on 60's throwback garage-rock, but more recently 70's classic stoner sounds have become more prevalent in today's music scene, and of course post-punk bands seemingly never stopped tapping the 80's new-wave … [Read more...]

Interview with Keith Fullerton Whitman

JD: Have you seen the reviews that have come out for Lisbon yet? KFW: No. Somebody told me that they had posted a review on the Allmusic Guide, and that’s the only one that I know about. JD: I’ve read three of them in the past week, maybe even more than that. They’ve all been very positive. I think the Allmusic Guide gave you 4 stars. … [Read more...]

Professor Murder – Professor Murder Rides the Subway EP

Professor MurderProfessor Murder Rides the Subway EPIn a recent interview, Al Cisneros of Sleep/Om fame stated that “scenes of any kind seem to be havens for sheep people.” I tend to agree with the statement and have always frowned upon bands that place status in a scene before other considerations. A band should never try to consciously play the … [Read more...]

Midlake – The Trials of Van Occupanther

MidlakeThe Trials of Van OccupantherIt could be a sophomore slump or maybe an adjunct pop exploration in what will become a long and industrious career. But ultimately the music speaks for itself, and only time will tell. But one thing is for sure, The Trials of Van Occupanther sees this quintet from Denton, TX shifting gears from the atmospheric … [Read more...]

Betrayed – Substance

BetrayedSubstanceAs every review out there will tell you, Betrayed is composed of Carry On and Champion members. I was into those bands, and I haven't warmed up to Betrayed as much yet. These guys basically play competent melodic hardcore, but it's nothing uncommon. I've noticed plenty of hype and expectations surrounding Substance, but it's … [Read more...]

The Silver Lining – Well Dressed Blues

The Silver LiningWell Dressed BluesJudging from the album Well Dressed Blues, I would wager The Silver Lining puts on an exciting live show. The band's vitriolic brand of rock and blues harkens back to an older, simpler time - when men were men and Chuck Berry and Elvis Presley were poisoning youth culture with up-tempo rebel rousing and animated … [Read more...]

The Drift – Streets/Nozomi

The DriftStreets/NozomiThe Drift's instrumental passages are just perfect for sending its listeners on a drift of their own. Inspired by the album's title, this writer embarks on a drift inspired by the unique, jazzy post-rock. October 11, 1999: Unoccupied, a nocturnal alley meets the traffic of St. Charles Place at its conclusion. The 4/4 … [Read more...]

Daughters – Hell Songs

DaughtersHell SongsUnless you've been hiding under a rock for the past few years, you're probably already aware of the Providence, RI group Daughters. Already the most polarizing grindcore band since The Locust, Daughters is managing to alienate as many fans as it garners. The release of Canada Songs in 2003 cemented the act into the playlists of … [Read more...]

Silverstein – 18 Candles: The Early Years

Silverstein18 Candles: The Early YearsEmo, what happened? You used to be popular and make good grades. Now people see you and laugh. They say you are played out and that you are “so yesterday.” But don’t worry. Your star will shine again. After all, the same folks calling you old news are currently enjoying a new rehashing of Joy Division, … [Read more...]

The Never – Antarctica: A Storybook Record

The NeverAntarctica: A Storybook RecordIt’s tough to review an opera one’s never seen. North Carolina’s The Never is touring Antarctica: A Storybook Record this summer, and, although I have the album and the 50-page illustrated storybook sitting in front of me, putting these two pieces together without seeing the show feels like I’m missing an … [Read more...]