One Starving Day – Broken Wings Lead Arms to the Sun

One Starving Day
Broken Wings Lead Arms to the Sun

Italy’s One Starving Day has been touted as the middle ground between Godspeed You Black Emperor and Neurosis, and while this comparison is not completely unfounded, it is far from being totally accurate as well.

The order of the day on Broken Wings Lead Arms to the Sun is aggressive post-rock. The bulk of the album is instrumental with long, winding interludes featuring synths and strings; a less enthralling Godspeed is a sufficient description. However, the band also utilizes heavy, distorted guitars and Isis-like throaty yelling on their louder parts.

These heavier parts are where the band shines, as the artists’ take on that Isis/Neurosis sound is more unique than most with a high amount of melody and excellent use of strings. It sort of has that arty vibe that the newest Cult of Luna record has. Had the band simply taken that sound and ran with it, things would have fared much better. The long interludes really kill the momentum of the heavier parts. Instead of these instrumental passages providing an enjoyable journey to the crescedo, you sort of just wish they would go away. They just drag on and on without ever really accomplishing anything.

The sound that One Starving Day is striving for is a good idea, but it’s poorly executed by the band. The transition between the soothing, melodic seagues and their more aggressive parts should be smoother. The band also should focus on writing shorter, more enjoyable songs. Godspeed gets away with writing long, slow, brooding songs because they are interesting. The vast majority of what these Italians are doing just isn’t cutting it.

These guys definitely should give it another try and not throw in the towel right away. They are decent enough musicians, they just need to tweak what they are doing to make it a bit more palatable. The mood and atmosphere of the record is great, if they can manage to take this sound and further their writing abilities, the future is bright for One Starving Day.