Betrayed – Substance


As every review out there will tell you, Betrayed is composed of Carry On and Champion members. I was into those bands, and I haven’t warmed up to Betrayed as much yet. These guys basically play competent melodic hardcore, but it’s nothing uncommon. I’ve noticed plenty of hype and expectations surrounding Substance, but it’s just an average piece of hardcore.

Betrayed’s lyrics can be a metaphor for the album. They’re certainly personal and have a lot to proclaim, but they are cliche-ridden at the same time.

“The City Lights” has a long, boring introduction, but then it sparks into one of my favorites from the package. That could mean the songwriting needs to develop some more, and I can’t fault the band for that on the debut. The songs are mainly mid-tempo with a little bit of rock influence in the riffs (“Bring it to Life”). If you’re wondering about the vocals, maybe picture a less annoying Bane? Aram Arslanian’s forte is yelling his words clearly, with a constant muscular delivery.

Listening to Substance and its 13 tracks pressed my snooze button. Apparently I can’t be in love with every melodic hardcore band out there. I will say Kurt Ballou’s production is top-notch as expected, but the songs still don’t hit me hard enough.