Trigger Point – A Silent Protest

Trigger Point
A Silent Protest

The guys in Los Angeles’ Trigger Point rock out, but they wouldn’t punch you in the face. On their debut album, A Silent Protest, singer Taylor Wallace is somewhat compelling in the tradition of Glassjaw, and drummer Dave Gentry ads polish to an otherwise average sound.

Trigger Point treads water between hard rock and hardcore. With some production help, the band could be on the radio right now, and a lot of junior high and high school kids would be all over this. But in a genre in which 90 percent of bands rely on the same dynamics, instrumentation, chord changes, and lyrical content, a little originality in Trigger Point’s sound would go a long way toward getting the right radio people to listen.

Most of the tracks on Trigger Point’s A Silent Protest start off with quiet parts. This is probably intended to make the actual song seem more impressive when it finally hits. Doesn’t work. But please note that this review is based on downloaded mp3 files, which are hopefully not true to the final mix – the guitar sounds weak and the vocals are too up front. This could pass given singer Wallace’s vocal versatility, but my enthusiasm wanes after hearing lyrics like, “Anger, anger, all I ever feel is anger in this fucked up world. It’s inside me. You’re the only one I trust. Gave it all to you, then you threw it in my face and you ripped me apart inside. What do you think of me now?”

Bright spots on A Silent Protest include track 4, “Picking up the Pieces,” and the harmonies in track 12, titled “Seven.” If you like hard rock and are interested after hearing those tracks on their myspace page, buying the album will pay off.