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Joan of Arc – The Intelligent Design of Joan of Arc

Joan of ArcThe Intelligent Design of Joan of ArcTo invoke the witless passion of the Intelligent Design argument in reference to a collection of B-sides and compilation tracks is an irony worthy of the legacy of Joan of Arc, a band that has made a career out of the very backbone of solid, Godless science: experimentation. The beauty of Joan of … [Read more...]

The Setup – The Pretense of Normality

The SetupThe Pretense of NormalityBelgium would be the last place I would look for my hardcore, but The Setup is pretty legit. I've heard less-than-optimistic things about the overseas scene, but these guys are no amateurs. The musicianship is rock solid, full of dark melodies and harsh vocals. The Pretense of Normality is also not a stranger to … [Read more...]

The Late Cord – Lights from the Wheelhouse

The Late CordLights from the Wheelhouse“Lila Blue,” the lead track from the Earlies’ John-Mark Lapham and solo performer Micah P. Hinson’s new collaboration the Late Cord, spends six minutes on what sounds like CD skipping noises — artfully arranged, of course — with a bit of keyboard and mumbled vocals through a distorter then transitions for the … [Read more...]

The Slow Signal Fade – Steady

The Slow Signal FadeSteadyThe Slow Signal Fade releases a debut album titled Steady. A deliberate play on contradiction or a careless stab at simplicity? The case could go either way, though the record’s content - itself painstakingly simplistic - seems to favor the latter. And, for all practical purposes, TSSF writes steady songs: four- to … [Read more...]

Interview with Koby Israelite

In what may have been the interviewer’s only constructive use of MySpace since signing up, multi-instrumentalist Koby Israelite was recently put to the test, answering a slew of questions for Delusions of Adequacy with all the flair and timeliness of a teeny-bopper reposting a bulletin survey under threat of dire consequences. Israelite, who is a … [Read more...]

The Lucy Show – Mania

The Lucy ShowManiaFor a brief time in the mid 80s, The Lucy Show enjoyed some measure of critical and alternative-radio success. Those were the days when the phrases "alternative radio" and "alternative rock" had yet to be co-opted into the language of the major-label press kit. Mania, The Lucy Show's second album, hit in 1986. Bands like U2, The … [Read more...]

Between the Buried and Me – The Anatomy Of

Between the Buried and MeThe Anatomy OfI am going to start off letting everyone know that I really don't know what to say about this release. I have always been a huge fan of Between the Buried and Me and have always felt that the band did an excellent job pushing the boundaries of heavy music. Every release so far have been awesome - that is, … [Read more...]

The Long Winters – Portland – Doug Fir, OR – 2006-07-21

The Long WintersWhere: Portland - Doug Fir, OR.When: 2006-07-21There are many things in life that you do without question, like feed your dog or buy your mom flowers on Mother’s Day. Add going to see The Long Winters to your list. You haven’t heard any of the band's music you say? Don’t question me, just go; it’ll be a good time. It also … [Read more...]

Lisa Papineau – Night Moves

Lisa PapineauNight MovesOpening the solo debut Night Moves with “Out to You,” the minimal, atmospheric mood is set with simple trip-hop-inspired sounds but with a more relaxed attitude. The breathy voice sweeps across the musical landscape before gracefully sliding into the chorus. You can feel muscles starting to relax and your eyes getting … [Read more...]

The Long Winters – Putting the Days to Bed

The Long WintersPutting the Days to BedComing up with RIYLs is extremely difficult for such a unique band as The Long Winters, so the ones listed here should not necessarily be taken literally but used more as a point of reference. For example, musically speaking, John Vanderslice and The Long Winters may not be synonymous, but like his Barsuk … [Read more...]