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Celtic Frost – Monotheist

Celtic FrostMonotheistBands fall in and out of favor about as often as fashions and trends change. Fan bases are often fickle and will flock to the next hot band before the last’s 15 minutes of fame are up. Cries of “sellout” and “genius” are uttered in the same breath, and as one band prepares for stardom, another is put out to pasture. Music has … [Read more...]

Nights Like These – The Faithless

Nights Like TheseThe FaithlessLet’s take a look at the good things to come out of Memphis, Tennessee recently...well, I came up with nothing. Oh wait, I forgot that Nights Like These came from the Southern city famous for country and rock 'n roll. Hmmm, my answer still stands; nothing good has come out of Memphis lately. Victory Records is back … [Read more...]

Sub Rosa – Slings & Arrows

Sub RosaSlings & ArrowsThe female voice has an advantage over that of males in that women often have a greater range and versatility. However, they also have the ability to be whiny, piercing, and extremely grating when off key. If a male doesn’t quite hit his note, the lower tone can sometimes mask the mistake or even, if he’s good enough, … [Read more...]

Murder By Death – In Bocca al Lupo

Murder By DeathIn Bocca al LupoAt first glance, In Bocca al Lupo ( "In the Mouth of the Wolf") has all the makings of a death-metal release: nihilistic band name; cover art depicting a tree whose roots extend into Hell amid flames, a collection of skulls and flying devils; equally creepy, although expertly done and intricately detailed, booklet … [Read more...]

Clouds Forming Crowns – Race to the Blackout

Clouds Forming CrownsRace to the BlackoutIt’s common knowledge to never mix business with family. The combination usually results in broken hearts, hurt pride, and bankruptcy. Yet while most people take heed to precedence and avoid working with their family like Kansas City Royals home games, brothers Todd and Tim Tobias relish in it, creating some … [Read more...]

Hairshirt – Lover Politician EP

HairshirtLover Politician EPThere was a time when bands could release whole albums that were 26 minutes long. I’m almost certain DRI and the Ramones did exactly that more than once. Hairshirt’s EP Lover Politician clocks in at 26 minutes, too. Except Lover Politician is only five songs. That means — with three of the songs over five minutes long … [Read more...]

Trigger Point – A Silent Protest

Trigger PointA Silent ProtestThe guys in Los Angeles' Trigger Point rock out, but they wouldn't punch you in the face. On their debut album, A Silent Protest, singer Taylor Wallace is somewhat compelling in the tradition of Glassjaw, and drummer Dave Gentry ads polish to an otherwise average sound. Trigger Point treads water between hard rock … [Read more...]

The Model/Actress – S/T EP

The Model/ActressS/T EPThe Model/Actress marks the reintroduction to music of former members of Boston hardcore act Bullet Lavolta and Cincinnati’s electro-noise irritators Brainiac. Both those bands came to untimely ends (tragically so in the case of Brainiac – car crash, promising life cut short, band folds), though many if not all the players … [Read more...]

Bosque Brown – Cerro Verde EP

Bosque BrownCerro Verde EPMara Miller, who performs under the name Bosque Brown, created the Cerro Verde EP as a reaction to Hurricane Katrina. Miller’s grandparents had lived near Biloxi, Mississippi, for nearly 50 years when their home was devastated by the hurricane, and although Mara’s grandparents survived and the house still stands, much of … [Read more...]

The Waylons – S/T

The WaylonsS/TNew York's The Waylons' self-titled full-length debut is a solid rock/pop album with country charm. While not as sugary as some Tullycraft or early Of Montreal, The Waylons do play Splenda hooks and have playful sing-alongs a plenty. One of the real successes of this album is the production, which gives these seemingly effortlessly … [Read more...]