This Day and Age – Second Place Victory

This Day and Age
Second Place Victory

Something about the song that greeted me when This Day and Age’s myspace page loaded reminded me of church hymns. It sounded pretty and rich – and seriously spiritual. It also turned me off by connotation, but I clicked around a bit more, and listens to other tracks made me appreciate that one a bit more.

I chose “Second Place Victory” because it’s better than that first song, but it’s similar in vein somewhat. Centered around piano, light drums, and breathy, emo-style vocals, the song is quiet and simple and extremely pretty. Those who like Cold Play or Keane will enjoy this stuff, especially about half-way through when the drums and guitar kick in. But I like the opening part – the quiet part – better.

The Buffalo band says its songs are centered around stories and are meant to convey a mood that matches the story. In that, This Day and Age seems to pull off its goal. While the rocking style reminds me of countless other emo bands with talented vocalists, the quiet, piano-led moments are much more unique. There’s definitely some interesting things here.