I Farm – IV

I Farm

As a fan of many types of music, it is pretty rare to come across an album I either really don’t like or can’t find some redeeming quality to. There’s usually something interesting going on, or at the very least some appreciation for the hard work that went into a recording and the knowledge that someone other than myself with enjoy the disc. Sometimes, though, it’s hard to look past everything you dislike about an album in order to see what others might enjoy about it. Brooklyn-based band I Farm and its latest effort, IV, is one such case.

I Farm is currently a trio that has released a quite a few albums for a relatively unknown group. The members apparently have a pretty decent following despite some bad label connections in the past. Now with Go Kart Records (IV is the band’s second release on this label), the future seems like it should only be bright for I Farm. And perhaps it will be if this disc can find its way into the hands of people who are really truly interested in punk, metal, and hardcore hybrids with more than a little pop sensibilities.

I guess my dislike of IV is two-fold. First, after listening to this album a few times, I am struck by just how disjointed many of the songs are. I get the feeling that I Farm is trying to be too many things at once as far as genres go. Instead of focusing on one style or attempting to create a hybrid, the songs seem like a scattershot mix. Just when you are starting to dig the hardcore vibe of “G Samsu,” it turns into the confused punk, pop, and metal of “To Lose Tourette’s.” The second issue comes up on tracks like “Dolphin Fight,” which are actually fairly well focused – and that is, they just aren’t incredibly exciting.

The one positive thing I can say about I Farm is the members are each rather good musicians. I would love to see these musicians really take a hard look at their style(s) and songwriting and choose a distinct concentration that will set it apart from the masses. I definitely give these guys credit for getting out there, working hard, and sticking it out for the past decade – and to that end, I’m sure there are plenty of people out there who will get what I Farm is doing and thoroughly enjoy IV; unfortunately, I’m not one of those people.