Eleanors Fault – Between Here and Away

Eleanors Fault
Between Here and Away

There’s something delightfully loose and raw to “Between Here and Away,” one of the tracks from Chicago’s Eleanors Fault (is it Eleanor’s fault, or is there an earthquake line somewhere named Eleanors Fault?). I’m a fan of precision and practice that show in some bands’ songs as anyone, but when it comes to bands playing post-hardcore/emo these days, it seems almost too easy to sound exactly like everyone else.

Eleanors Fault could sound a lot like everyone else – think Thursday meets Between the Buried and Me with a dash of Cursive – but it’s that raw exuberance and imprecision that makes this such a fun song. “Between Here and Away” is rather all over the place. There’s a host of starts and stops, with moments of throat-wrenching screams and moments of almost hip-hop style beats – both moments short and interspersed quite nicely, mind you. The song is long and diverse enough to keep my attention, while at the same time wondering if I hit “next” by accident.

Don’t go into this looking for something crisp and precise or even cohesive. While the elements here are familiar – blazing guitars, fast-paced drums, emotive vocals – this band takes it for a crazy ride. The song changes pace countless times, and while it’s a little disconcerting, that’s what makes Eleanors Fault stand out. And in this genre, that’s hard to do.