The Glaciers – Mono Highway

The Glaciers
Mono Highway

New York’s Glaciers include six members who have been playing in the New York City area for a number of years, including Jackie Linge and Ian Stynes, who did stints with The Mendoza Line. The music is countrified pop – or popified country if you prefer – with an emphasis on the pop. I hear more and more bands unashamedly mixing country into their songs, and often it takes a very talented act doing so to keep my interest.

“Mono Highway” opens with a bouncy country beat and lovely sung “ah-oo-ooo,” making me immediately think soundtrack to a Western flick. The song turns into a countryified pop song quickly, though, with Linge’s pretty vocals mixing nicely with the upbeat pace and synths providing a more poppy accompaniment. There’s even handclaps to up the pop quotient. Despite those elements, however, the song maintains a kind of lonely Midwestern feel that makes one think of the highway, and this wouldn’t be a bad highway driving song at all.

For those who are ashamed to like country music, bands like The Glaciers make it easy. There’s more pop than country here, with strings on some songs, keyboards on others, and Linge’s voice providing a lovely but emphatic accompaniment. Many of the band’s songs are stirringly pretty, and there’s a nice variety on the band’s website for perusing.