Slow Dazzle – The Prosecution Rests

Slow Dazzle
The Prosecution Rests

It’s pure coincidence that the two tracks I’m writing about this week – one each from The Glaciers and Slow Dazzle – feature current or former members of The Mendoza Line. I swear, I was just browsing bands who chose to be friends on DOA’s myspace page, and these were two bands I discovered. It’s not like I was browsing Mendoza Line links pages.

Regardless, Slow Dazzle features Shannon McArdle and Timothy Brace of the aforementioned Mendoza Line. The two artists play a style of pop music with a nice dose of electronic elements, giving their songs a poppy melody and yet infusing elements of folk as well. A rich, lovely production quality gives these songs a nice depth.

I’m bypassing the catchy and bouncy “Fleur de Lis” to write about “The Prosecution Rests,” which shows the more folk side of the band. A quiet, moody track that is led by piano and light drumming, it features Brace’s vocals rather than McArdle’s on “Fleur.” It’s a slow-tempo track, but there’s a kind of sway-inducing rhythm here, and the effects on Brace’s vocals give the track a nice depth. That depth is compounded by synths that provide a spacey backdrop to the entire song, never too strong but nicely mixed in.

This is a sweet track. It’s moody and melancholy, but it shows how the band infuses pop and folk together with some pretty electronic elements, creating something that’s quite lovely. I might just have to explore more of The Mendoza Line’s family tree at this rate.