Partisan – The Gothic and the Gospel

The Gothic and the Gospel

Partisan is a seven-member band, but thank god these guys don’t sound anything like Slipknot. The Gothic and the Gospel is definitely an interesting listen. Partisan’s influences prove to be extensive over the course of 16 songs. I find myself liking a slim part of their contributions, however.

“Screaming Man” is the second song but the first to get the record really moving. The first track is a noisy and very pointless clip of people socializing. Anyway, the post-punk guitars cut with sharp melodic lines, and the vocal style makes me wish it was more prevalent in the album. The band channels the rousing raw feeling of bands like Bear vs. Shark and Small Brown Bike.

Unfortunately for me, there really aren’t other songs that follow in the same vein. Songs like “Intersections and “Farther North” explore a more downbeat sound that I’m less into. Most of the album is actually down tempo, which tends to bore me. The band gets into weirder off kilter soundscapes with folk and latin influences.

This album is a complete mixed bag, so I was pleasantly surprised that another rager snuck itself in towards the end. I really wish the slower songs were as attractive as the rockers, because the band does them right. “The Partisan” has some angular Drive Like Jehu-style riffs and anthemic group vocals similar to Latterman.

Most people will be able to appreciate The Gothic and the Gospel in small doses. If you are a fan of the complete package, I commend you for having such open-minded music taste.