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Always the Runner – An August Golf

Always the RunnerAn August GolfThe literal meaning of the word “song” has a tendency to be a bit restrictive, with the prime stipulation being that a composition must contain both music and words. Always the Runner's first full-length begs a bewildering question: what happens when any potential words to a song are implied rather than sung? The … [Read more...]

Deadboy & the Elephantmen – We are Night Sky

Deadboy & the ElephantmenWe are Night SkyDeadboy & the Elephantmen is a duo - Dax Riggs (guitar, vocals) and Tessie Brunet (drums, vocals) - from Louisiana. Yes, there are plenty of comparisons to be made to other male/female guitar-and-bass duos. Beyond the basic line-up, Dax and Tessie have some similarities to plenty of their contemporaries, … [Read more...]

Margot and the Nuclear So and So’s – The Dust of Retreat

Margot and the Nuclear So and So’sThe Dust of RetreatThis is, admittedly, a bizarre moniker for a band that composes the sort of woozy, folk-tinged songs in which Margot and the Nuclear So and So’s specialize. Fortunately, the group doesn’t take the matter too seriously: a close listen to The Dust of Retreat reveals a young band brimming with … [Read more...]

The Chambermaids – S/T

The ChambermaidsS/TI am not going to beat around the bush on this one. The Chambermaids' self-titled debut plays out like a mix CD/tape. Heck, it’s been ages since I made one. But when I did, every mix had an underlying theme. I am, though, not going to go out on a limb and preach for this band, but on this album, even though it plays out like … [Read more...]

Glider – One Day at a Time

GliderOne Day at a TimeIf you look at yourself in the mirror, you're not supposed to immediately forget what you look like as soon as you look away. But yet, listening to Glider is something like that. Glider's sound is so mind-numbingly soothing that while I was listening to this on the highway, I missed the exit for my school, and I drive that … [Read more...]

Grandaddy – Just Like the Fambly Cat

GrandaddyJust Like the Fambly CatWith hindsight, it was perhaps inevitable that Grandaddy’s existence would be extinguished by a spell of short-term success. Plucked from semi-obscurity by V2 (giving Jason Lytle and co. the ignominious ‘privilege’ of being labelmates with The Stereophonics, no less) to deliver their touchstone commercial, as well … [Read more...]

Slow Dazzle – The Prosecution Rests

Slow DazzleThe Prosecution RestsIt's pure coincidence that the two tracks I'm writing about this week - one each from The Glaciers and Slow Dazzle - feature current or former members of The Mendoza Line. I swear, I was just browsing bands who chose to be friends on DOA's myspace page, and these were two bands I discovered. It's not like I was … [Read more...]

The Great Depression – Preaching to the Fire

The Great DepressionPreaching to the FireThere are two types of dark music. One type is intentionally dark - morbid and lightless because of a conscious effort on the musician’s part. Often, this type of “darkness” is silly and sophomoric, preoccupied with adolescent imagery of blood and suicide. It's best not to pay attention to this type of … [Read more...]

Mike Johnson – Gone out of Your Mind

Mike JohnsonGone out of Your MindIn the liners notes to Mike Johnson's fifth full-length, Gone out of Your Mind, you'll find a quote from a famous philosopher tucked away with the credits and copyrights; it isn't expected in the least bit, but in the context of the album is more fitting and better adapted than who played drums on the fifth track or … [Read more...]

The Bitter Life Typecast – Happy Endings for Lowlifes

The Bitter Life TypecastHappy Endings for LowlifesIt's depressing that a mindblowing band can go completely ignored by the masses. The Bitter Life Typecast fits perfectly into this category. The band comes from Philadelphia, a mecca of notable bands deserving exposure (see Jena Berlin). Combine the emotions of Mineral and lush instrumentation of … [Read more...]