La Quiete – Tenpeun 01-05

La Quiete
Tenpeun 01-05

Do you like City of Caterpillar? How about Orchid? Anything put out by Level-Plane, Electric Human Project, Robotic Empire, or Three One G? Have you heard La Quiete yet? WHAT, you haven’t? That’s unfortunate. It seems you’ve been missing out on one of the best chaotic hardcore bands since the early 90s San Diego/Gravity records scene.

Tenpeun 01-05 is a collection of several splits, 7″s, and comps by this Italian band. Thanks to the Perpetual Motion Machine (the same folks who brought us the awesome Wow, Owls! LP last year), you can now play catch-up with La Quiete for the price of a single disc. Collected here are splits with The Pine, KC Milan, Catena Collapse, Apoplexy Twist Orchestra, Acrimonie, a few compilation tracks, a demo, and two unreleased tracks – 19 songs in all. There is a whole lot of good stuff here. I only wish someone would release the band’s La Fine Non e la Fine on CD here in the US.

Like the aforementioned City of Caterpillar and Orchid rolled into one with an accent, La Quiete is one of the best bands this genre currently has to offer. The guitars are jangly and angular at the same time, similar in style to Antioch Arrow before that band developed an unhealthy fixation with The Birthday Party. This aspect in particular helps La Quiete stand out in a genre absolutely overrun by bands that seem to be sharing the same guitar pedals. I’d sum up the La Quiete sound by saying that it’s beautiful and brutal at the same time, although that doesn’t do it nearly enough justice.

Hopefully this compilation will raise even more awareness about the European hardcore scene. There are so many great bands like this, and the ocean is literally keeping them from being more well known here. Raein (with whom La Quiete share members), Umbrella, Louise Cyphre, and Shikari are all great examples. If you’ve listened to all of your Orchid and Reversal of Man records a thousand times and you’re ready for something slightly different, La Quiete has the goods in spades.