End of a Year – Disappear Here

End of a Year
Disappear Here

End of a Year from Cohoes, NY. Get acquainted with the name, because these guys will be dominating soon enough. Not only are they the newest addition to Revelation Records, they are one of the Capital district’s few sources of rock. The contents of Disappear Here all rule with a post-punk fist. My minor gripe is the recording quality, which should be fixed on Sincerely, the upcoming sophomore release.

With 12 tracks in just about 25 minutes, much ground is covered. The guitars employ piercing linear patterns into exploding riffs in every song. Influences shine through from the 1990’s DC scene and some Drive Like Jehu in the vocals. A raw intro called “Anxiety!” represents the band best in less than a minute. High-strung vocals carry on in an urgent, pleading manner to garner your attention. It works because most of the lyrical content is bitter and frustrated. Occasional lines are repeated for emphasis (“No one here cares”), but most harbor developed thoughts (“I’ve determined I can’t be myself around you / I think it’s best for all parties involved if we agree to say fuck it”). These lyrics are both taken from “Good to Meet You.” It’s the dramatic closer with crashing guitar that stutters to a stop, allowing sudden outbursts of vocal declaration.

End of a Year has two separate audiences that I’ve observed. There are those head-nodders engrossed by the music and apathetics who mill about as they wait for some hardcore band to take the stage. The musicians groove around the stage somewhat but mainly focus on their instruments. The singer is the one who always makes the performance memorable. He goes absolutely balls out and gives an intense delivery every time. Expect a spastic frontman on the brink of insanity if you ever catch the live show. I hope this band catches on, because these guys are definitely on to something amazing here.