Boyracer – A Punch up the Bracket

A Punch up the Bracket

For their latest release, A Punch up the Bracket, the ever-shifting line-up of Boyracer has settled on core members Stewart Anderson and Jen Turrell. Helping them out on these 21 new tracks of fast and fuzzy pop-punk are Ara (Saturday People, Castaway Stones), Chuck (Bright Lights), and Martin (Javelins).

Yes, you read it correctly: 21 fast tracks. Not only are the rhythms fast, but the tracks themselves tend to fly by. That’s 21 tracks in 45 minutes, 21 tracks of which only eight break the two-minute mark and only five are more than three minutes. So, like the weather in New England, if you don’t like it, wait a minute.

What’s there to like? Well for starters, Boyracer serves up a high-pressure system of the band’s trademark bare-bones and rowdy indie-punk, recorded in classic, and tinny, lo-fi style. When the pleasant and poppy three-chord fuzz-pop is coupled with Turrell’s riot-grrrl vocal stylings, the results are downright toe-tappin’ and head-bangin’ at the same time. Tracks like “The Toilets of Northern Europe,” “Geordie Lout,” “Normal,” and “More than Most” hit like a quick thunderstorm as electrifying and thrashy rave-ups.

But too often the music lulls as Boyracer’s artists temper their aggressiveness with the calming influence of the expansive and dry American west, resulting in something that resembles an accelerated but less complex Meat Puppets, especially when Anderson takes to the mic. Unfortunately, several more tunes have less rhythm, much more noise, and not nearly as much pop as the aforementioned tracks.

Ultimately, 21 tracks of quick-tempo, mostly genre-specific, and formulaic indie-punk is a little too much for this writer to take all at once. But a couple of these tracks will fit quite nicely on one of my workout playlists in my iPod.