Alex Arrowsmith – I Am the Ice Age

Alex Arrowsmith
I Am the Ice Age

You’ve got to admire musicians like Alex Arrowsmith. The 23-year-old Portland, OR artist has offered a number of reasonably lo-fi, self-released efforts, providing singer/songwriter material alongside more up-tempo rock songs, all with a sly sense of humor that brings to mind They Might Be Giants and Jad Fair.

There’s an affecting edge to “I Am the Ice Age” that works remarkably well. Thick guitar chords mix with head-bobbing rhythm, and some odd-ball keyboards are thrown into the backdrop. But the production, which gives Arrowsmith’s vocals a kind of late-80s new-wave edge, really highlight the song. It doesn’t hurt that “I Am the Ice Age” has an undeniably catchy chorus: “Hey, yeah, I am the ice age.” You’ll find yourself repeating it after the song’s over for sure.

I like this track. It’s short enough not to outstay its welcome, yet it’s catchy enough to linger when it’s gone. There’s hints of late-80s/early-90s new-wave and college-rock here, and I’m always a fan of that. A listen to other tracks on Arrowsmith’s website reveals a number of fun and clever songs, all played with a hint of ironic smile yet not sacrificing the talent. Fun stuff. I recommend a listen.