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John Weise – Magical Crystal Blah Volume 3

John WeiseMagical Crystal Blah Volume 3Experimental noise is usually a tricky genre to try and break down for any sort of review process, and John Weise's Magical Crystal Blah Volume 3 is not helping with the procedure. Most of the time, I feel that people either love or hate this type of production, but in this case, Weise creates a boring noise … [Read more...]

Lokbrá – Army of Soundwaves

LokbráArmy of SoundwavesI'm not old enough to be able to speak on the “Golden Age” of rock music with any type of credibility. From what those of appropriate age have to say, the dinosaurian creature known as “rock 'n roll” has been extinct for some time; all my generation can do is examine the fossils and figure out how the valiant being … [Read more...]

South – Adventures in the Underground Journey to the Stars

SouthAdventures in the Underground Journey to the StarsSince the demise of James, the masters of effusive and aesthetic Brit-rock, fans of the genre, myself included, have had to look in a different direction for sweeping, timeless, and sublime rock. That direction is South. The UK trio of Joel Cadbury (vocals, bass, guitar), Jamie McDonald (lead … [Read more...]

Kover – Assembly

KoverAssemblyMy last run-in with Engineer Records were some mediocre metalcore splits. I'm glad this isn't deja vu. The label was home to Hot Water Music back in the day, and Kover must be personal fans. The Canada-based band follows in the path of HWM and Samiam, but it's just not the same. Regardless of their intentions, most of the song … [Read more...]

Pretty Girls Make Graves – Elan Vital

Pretty Girls Make GravesElan VitalThe first point that will appear in any discussion of Élan Vital is the considerable development that the four years since the release of Pretty Girls Make Graves’ debut, Good Health, have traced on the band’s disposition (the qualitative direction of this progression is, I think, up to the individual). … [Read more...]

Don Peris – Go When the Morning Shineth

Don PerisGo When the Morning ShinethThe album cover displays an image of a bunch of kids happily playing amongst inner tubes in the water with the sun bouncing off the ripples in the distance. The slightly washed-out tones and brownish tinge give the photograph an old-timey look that suggests a memory of the past. It is this image or feeling of a … [Read more...]

Boyracer – A Punch up the Bracket

BoyracerA Punch up the BracketFor their latest release, A Punch up the Bracket, the ever-shifting line-up of Boyracer has settled on core members Stewart Anderson and Jen Turrell. Helping them out on these 21 new tracks of fast and fuzzy pop-punk are Ara (Saturday People, Castaway Stones), Chuck (Bright Lights), and Martin (Javelins). Yes, you … [Read more...]

Mouthus – The Long Salt

MouthusThe Long SaltHot damn! Mouthus returns with a much better record than last year's Slow Globes. This one's called The Long Salt, and not only is it devoid of Fleetwood Mac covers, but it is a significantly stronger release overall than its predecessor. Mouthus comes off sounding like a mess of broken cassette tapes warped from the sun of one … [Read more...]

Hemstad – S/T EP

HemstadS/T EPIndie kids really do like to dance. With the number of indie bands coming out of Sweden these days (doesn’t it feel like an avalanche of Scandinavian guys with guitars?), it is safe to say that nearly 85 percent of Swedes are in indie bands. The remaining 15 percent? They’re in black metal bands ... or Ace of Base. Hemstad, eight guys … [Read more...]

Evangelicals – So Gone

EvangelicalsSo GoneTo make music that one might characterize as energetic is an interesting thing. There usually needs to be incredible amount of energy associated with the performance, which is difficult, although not impossible, for a small group. Evangelicals, a trio out of Normon, Oklahoma, try to follow on the psychedelic tip of the Of … [Read more...]