The Year Zero – Three-song EP

The Year Zero
Three-song EP

I’m impressed! Amongst the pile of promos from this round was this little gem, a teaser for the full-length by The Year Zero. Made up of Rodney Sellars and Lili de la Mora, armed with a Tascam 424, the duo makes some of the best dream-pop I’ve heard with limited equipment and the fewest members.

“Moonviewing Parties” kicks things off, sounding similar to Mahogany or Malory although not quite as technical as the former or as gauzy as the latter. Clean arpeggiated guitars roll over the top of a mid-tempo beat as de la Mora’s voice subtly glides through the whole thing. “Some Great Majestic” is an acoustic song that’s slightly slower but definitely not lacking in some terrific melodies. “Truth About Stars” rounds out this sampler with another slow, acoustic number. It makes me wish The Year Zero had put another track on here like the first one. The origami packaging and hand-drawn artwork, done by the band members themselves add a nice touch.

Hopefully the duo’s full-length Oceania, I Will Return will highlight both of the styles exhibited here. I definitely want to hear more and this three song, limited to 300 copies, CD-R-only release has done a wonderful job of provoking my interest.