Ten Words for Snow – D-NA

If you took the newer Queens of the Stone Age material, slowed it down, ran it through a synthesizer, and made it boring, you’d end up with this. Ten Words For Snow (awesome name, right?) is the guilty party with the release of D-NA.

I feel like I’m hearing vocals copied from Rivers Cuomo, with that annoying “I’m not trying” attitude. “You Can’t Catch Me, Cop” features a trainwreck of synth use with piercing vocal static as the result. This vintage whining was already done by The White Stripes, and it still sucks! Added singing from the female keyboardist tends to clash with the frontman. Vocally, it seems like she wanders off-key at points. I vote that her microphone is confiscated on future musical efforts.

Typical riffs are another large reason for me to dismiss the band. Much of the music I receive that is presented as “artsy” or “indie” ends up to be a load of bore. These folks attempt catchy territory, but they end up as repeated lame melodies. It just seems like a cry out for an additional (better) guitar player to me. The “amplifier stolen from an antique store” tone embodies all that is dull. I don’t even care to go in depth about the keyboards. Think quirky, odd pieces that are too independent of the songs.

I have nothing but intense dislike for this music. On a lighter note, fans of boring indie music rejoice!