Secret Machines – Ten Silver Drops

Secret Machines
Ten Silver Drops

Listening to Ten Silver Drops was the aural equivalent of taking sleeping pills. Secret Machines is a Texas trio writing music that many are deeming prog, but these songs are painfully uneventful. This band is doing very few progressive things on this album.

The first impression is a song that reflects on broken relationships for almost seven minutes. Brandon Curtis’ keyboard playing shimmers away as a subtle guitar melody surfaces with airy vocals. The fragile, breathy delivery is enormously one-sided and monotonous, as is the music. After a pointless bridge of filler, the previous parts are basically regurgitated again. The emotional dynamic of “Alone, Jealous, and Stoned” is completely lost.

Now, let’s fast forward to the eighth and final song, “1,000 Seconds.” It’s a partially upbeat piano ballad that finally shows some diversity in the singing. The heartfelt backups add a little more character to this epic lullaby, if only for a short instance. The music is still a sleep aid, the combination of guitar and keys is dreamy and largely uninteresting. After five overdramatic minutes, this is finally over.

I’m just thankful that Ten Silver Drops didn’t have 10 actual songs, because I could barely stay awake through eight of them.