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The Playwrights – English Self Storage

The PlaywrightsEnglish Self StorageThe prospect of a young British band with angular guitars, danceable rhythms, hooks, and the almost cliched Gang of Four name-drop is less than appetizing. The Playwrights, however, seem to be offering a little more if the listener takes the time to take a look beneath the surface. While the Gang of Four and … [Read more...]

Martha Wainwright – Philadelphia – Trocadero, PA – 2006-04-08

Martha WainwrightWhere: Philadelphia - Trocadero, PA.When: 2006-04-08The first time I saw Neko Case in concert, it was more than mildly disappointing. I had waited so long for her tour to come nearby, and I ended up traveling from Philadelphia to Washington, DC to see her perform. The show that night wasn’t a total bust, but it still left a lot to … [Read more...]

Some By Sea – On Fire! (Igloo)

Some By SeaOn Fire! (Igloo)I’ve made no secret of my affection for the music of indie-popsters Some By Sea. From Chris Du Bray’s addictive and perfect voice to Rachel Bowman’s lovely accompaniment (some vocals but mostly the perfectly incorporated cello), to the endearing instrumentation that takes pop in all sorts of directions, the band won me … [Read more...]

Glissandro 70 – Glissandro 70

Glissandro 70Glissandro 70How long can you tap your foot? I sure hope it's at least a solid half an hour (I use “at least” because repeat listens are completely expected). If not, you might find yourself in a bind with the self-titled release from Toronto-based experimentators Glissandro 70. When the band takes advantage of its indelible rhythmic … [Read more...]

Smoking Popes – At Metro

Smoking PopesAt MetroChicago’s Smoking Popes are a Chicago institution, blending pop, punk, and sickly sweet lyrics into a sound that has inspired a rabid fan base that continued to hold the band close to its collective busom over the seven-plus years since the Popes announced an abrupt hiatus. This live CD/DVD set captures last year’s reunion at … [Read more...]

John Dufilho – S/T

John DufilhoS/TJohn Dufilho’s self-titled debut album is an occasionally enjoyable but frequently frustrating listen because of its uneven mix of just a few developed songs and so many lo-fi style brief, wandering filler tracks. Throughout the record – hardly a “long-player” at under 29 minutes – there is a sense that Dufilho tried too hard to … [Read more...]

Mole Harness – In a Strange Sea

Mole HarnessIn a Strange SeaI was planning on posting some hot, Islands-esque summery pop/rock song that, in a far corner of my mind, I thought would actually become the soundtrack to your next long drive with the windows down and the warm weather humming all about. Maybe the sun would be going down and this year's equivalent of Clap Your Hands Say … [Read more...]

Rahim – Ideal Lives

RahimIdeal LivesWe live in the age of the single. Even the most desired indie darlings have at best one or two songs that stand out more than the rest of their album. Long past are the days of the complete album. Although it is easy to get caught up in the buzz of a band with that one hit, you have to look a little extra harder to find a band … [Read more...]

Bouncing Souls – Live

Bouncing SoulsLiveIf you are wanting an elaborate review on the new Bouncing Souls' live album, look elsewhere. If you are looking for elaborate music, look elsewhere as well. This is the Bouncing Souls. You know what you are getting yourself into here. And it's live, so you also know what to expect there. Why waste your time reading when you could … [Read more...]

Black Heart Procession – The Spell

Black Heart ProcessionThe SpellFour years after the release of Amore Del Tropico, San Diego's darkest sons return with album number five. Aptly titled, The Spell had me under its sway from the first notes. After waiting so long for this record to come out, I was pleasantly surprised that time had not taken its toll on the group. The results are … [Read more...]