Bouncing Souls – Live

If you are wanting an elaborate review on the new Bouncing Souls’ live album, look elsewhere. If you are looking for elaborate music, look elsewhere as well. This is the Bouncing Souls. You know what you are getting yourself into here. And it’s live, so you also know what to expect there. Why waste your time reading when you could be rocking?

What can be said about Bouncing Souls that hasn’t already been said in the band’s 17-plus years of existence? Not a lot, and especially not from someone who has only heard the band in passing. If you aren’t at least vaguely familiar with the Bouncing Souls, it is tempting to ask, “Do you listen to music?” or “Do you have friends?” because there is no way you could possibly listen to music and have friends that listen to music and not have a clue who these guys are.

What can be said, however, is that this live album captures the guys in top form and really harnesses some of that live energy. And with two discs containing 29 songs, there is plenty of material for anyone. The recording is not bad at all for a live album, and as stated above, some of the band’s natural energy and character shines through.

The Bouncing Souls are an energetic, fun, and melodic punk-rock band that play simple songs with the sole purpose of rocking you. This album is a perfect example of what the Bouncing Souls are all about, and with 29 songs, it has a lot of material for old fans as well as newbies trying to become initiated.