Atreyu – A Death-Grip on Yesterday

A Death-Grip on Yesterday

Oh boy, America’s favorite fashion-core band is back again with another run-of-the-mill release. These Orange County natives have always been at the forefront of predictable and boring metalcore, and nothing changes on this album. Somehow I have seen these guys a couple times live, because they have always managed to get tacked on with some other band I actually wanted to see. While I am glad that the pretentiousness of their live shows is not as apparent while listening to their recordings, I am always reminded of it by the commercials for Victory Records that are shown during MTV 2’s Headbanger’s Ball. But then again, who can blame them for following the road of every other band skating by these days in this tired genre?

The album opens up with “Creatures,” and I was instantly reminded of every riff they have ever used in past outings. Power chords blasting through my stereo, I strained to hear how this was a new album and not just a re-issue of The Curse, but alas, Victory is marketing this thing as a whole different release. This track sets the tone for the rest of A Death-Grip on Yesterday, and if listeners are expecting to hear something different, you are sadly mistaken. In fact, once the second song, “Shameful,” came on, my girlfriend, who has put up with my abrasive music tastes for quite some time, asked me to go to the second track to hear more. I told her that this was already the next song. I could probably end the review right here with that little anecdote, but I will push on into the depths of this bland recording.

“Our Sick Story,” the third song on the album, actually has a pretty cool breakdown towards the end, but that alone is not enough of a reason to label the track good. After that is “The Theft,” which I can’t even begin to describe. With pretty much only singing, this track may be the worst on A Death-Grip on Yesterday. Beyond that, the rest of the album sounds like the same song over and over again, with the exception being “Ex’s and Oh’s,” which is filled with the most ridiculous singing on the record. It also houses an extremely cheesy guitar solo. In many cases, I might find that humorous, like an attempt to actually poke fun at metal. However, after seeing these jokers live, I know that they aren’t kidding, and that is just sad.

Atreyu’s shot at creating a new album has failed miserably, and anyone who has ever heard an Atreyu song in the past has already heard A Death-Grip on Yesterday. The riffs are completely recycled, and the band didn’t bother to do anything else creative. I am sure that people who are already fans of the band will love this album, as it is completely safe in the sound they have already made for themselves.