Action Action – An Army of Shapes Between Wars

Action Action
An Army of Shapes Between Wars

Action Action is a quartet containing two members from Count the Stars. Don’t expect the upbeat pop-punk of their past, because that’s far from the case. The cover art suggests that an adolescent girl would enjoy this, and that’s probably true. An Army of Shapes Between Wars is best compared to The Killers with more annoying synth parts and without all the mainstream appeal.

This is a synth-rock band, and the vocals do complement the style perfectly. Something like Brandon Flowers (The Killers) meets Morrissey sums up the final product. I’m still not in love with the omnipresent droning and melancholic croons. Still, I’d have to say that the music bothers me far more than the singing.

Getting through “Sleep Paralysis” was painful with the excess electronic garbage added to the end. It’s like listening to a dial-up modem connect to the Internet several times. “The Game” is a Brit-rock ripoff gone wrong, with terribly generic riffs and an uninspired guitar solo. “120 Ways to Kill You” could be epic and memorable at almost six minutes, but after the brooding start it never leaves the ground. The synth is overkill on “The Other 90% of the Iceberg,” where the band employs ear-offending static the entire song. Unless you have a hardcore fetish for Action Action, I would hope you skip the last two tracks (which are about 20 minutes combined).

Victory Records still remains an independent record label, but the roster looks more like major-label territory. It seems that lately they are a constant source of mediocre music. An Army of Shapes Between Wars is pointless unless you’re obsessed with synth-rock, which could possibly lead you to be more forgiving.