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So They Say – Antidote for Irony

So They SayAntidote for IronyDoes the world really need another pop-punk band? I mean seriously, aren't there enough of these running around? You can randomly flip to any song on So They Say's album Antidote for Irony and expect to hear the exact same thing you've always heard from pop-punk: charging guitars, earnest high-pitched vocals, propelled … [Read more...]

Five Mod Four – Whiskers

Five Mod FourWhiskersListening to Whiskers was the musical equivalent of going on an uncomfortable date with someone you had hoped to be effortlessly compatible with. Imagine reading someone’s personal profile and becoming intrigued by their references to the DBs and Orange Juice, or to self-descriptions such as “sardonic,” “jazz-inflected,” and … [Read more...]

Hamell on Trial – Songs for Parents Who Enjoy Drugs

Hamell on TrialSongs for Parents Who Enjoy DrugsHamell on Trial, a.k.a. Ed Hamell, has been making music for years, but it wasn’t until he was picked up by Ani DiFranco’s Righteous Babe Records that he really began to get some much-deserved attention. The man, armed with his trusty guitar (a beat-up 1937 Gibson small body) is known for the acerbic … [Read more...]

Chad King – Well, Hell

Chad KingWell, HellChad King has the kind of voice other singer/songwriters surely dream of. While always sounding unique, King is able to change his voice to suit his song, sounding as comfortable in his country-infused tracks as moody singer/songwriter numbers, up-beat rockers, and even jazz- or folk-influenced songs. He’s to be commended, … [Read more...]

Mark Schwaber – The Killing Card

Mark SchwaberThe Killing CardCrafting an album is an art that some musicians forget once they’ve finished their individual song recording. A well thought-out sequence can create an experience that holds on to the listener from beginning to end, pulling them into the world of the artist, helping them to not only listen but to experience the music … [Read more...]

Stereophonics – Live from Dakota

StereophonicsLive from DakotaThe front cover is unassuming enough. Plain gray text declares the band name and album title, while a minimal black and white photograph makes no obvious effort to grab attention. If one was to cast a quick glance over Live from Dakota in a record store, there's a prime chance that no consequential reaction would … [Read more...]

Ten Words for Snow – D-NA

Ten Words for SnowD-NAIf you took the newer Queens of the Stone Age material, slowed it down, ran it through a synthesizer, and made it boring, you'd end up with this. Ten Words For Snow (awesome name, right?) is the guilty party with the release of D-NA. I feel like I'm hearing vocals copied from Rivers Cuomo, with that annoying "I'm not … [Read more...]

Victory at Sea – All Your Things Are Gone

Victory at SeaAll Your Things Are GoneBoston's Victory at Sea has been at it for years. The band has undergone some lineup changes over the years but now consists of three accomplished players: Mona Elliott, Mel Lederman, and Dave Norton. The sound hasn't changed much with All Your Things are Gone, though, so diehard fans will be pleased with this … [Read more...]

Chevreuil – Sport

ChevreuilSportChevreuil's members don’t want to use up their musical ideas too quickly. It seems the French duo are hoarding their riffs and drum fills in the event that pandemic Francophilia requires they muster some immense lasting power and the ability to churn out tens of albums on which the afflicted can feast à bouche ouverte. The … [Read more...]

Rock Kills Kid – S/T EP

Rock Kills KidS/T EPSweeping alternative guitar rock with 80s pop sensibilities is not something you would expect from a young band from Orange County, CA. But that's exactly what you get with Rock Kills Kid's newest release. This self-titled EP contains four tracks from the forthcoming album Are You Nervous? that, while not groundbreaking, contain … [Read more...]