The Paper Champions – End Transmission

The Paper Champions
End Transmission

End Transmission already has a place in the discography of Snapcase. Regardless, the title does fit this album’s concept about Amelia Earheart’s doomed flight. The Paper Champions output four emo-rock cuts about history on the band’s second release. It’s musical territory that’s been explored by an insane amount of bands already, but it’s still an enjoyable listen.

A vintage recording babbling flight details, smothered by the band’s feedback and drums, makes up the first minute of “End Transmission.” It suddenly bursts into a driving rock piece with twin guitars and vocals. The Paper Champions keep the cruise control on for the remainder of the song, which has the highest energy of all the songs. “The Canary” follows with a more laidback approach, which works for me besides the moaning chorus. It sounds too much like an annoying recipe for radio play.

“Oceanbound” revitalizes things with a razor sharp hook, passionately soaring vocals, and angular post-hardcore guitars throughout. The vocals converse back and forth, similar to the latter Small Brown Bike material. End Transmission finishes with its most epic song, “A Long July.” After toying with space-rock sounds and a droning vocal effect, the musicians explode into their heaviest moment and bookend it with a calm conclusion.

The Paper Champions play music that people could dismiss for being too overdone. I feel like it isn’t terribly similar to any particular bands of the genre, and that it shows a lot of potential for future releases, both good things.