Small Arms Dealer – A Single Unifying Theory

Small Arms Dealer
A Single Unifying Theory

Small Arms Dealer explodes out the gate with a fully realized and creative style of punishing punk-rock. These Long Island natives meld powerful rock and roll with huge hooks, great melodies, and morbid yet honest and somehow uplifting lyrics. This is a wakeup call to those who believe that as a musical genre, punk has nothing new left to offer.

These guys have completely sidestepped the Balkanization of punk rock, crafting an innovative sound from disparate elements and influences seamlessly. Singer Lubrano (no first name given) demonstrates tremendous range, swinging from Gainesville-inspired melodic shouting to cleanly restrained singing that’s no less expressive. His tales of werewolves, death, and murder simultaneously come across as reasonable metaphor and tongue-in-cheek melodrama. The lyrical idiosyncrasies are matched note for note by the unique musical backing, which is constantly evolving subtly in a manner completely beyond the reach of most punks. The deceptively simple tunes are full of complex leads and fills, shifting rhythms, and stylistic changes that continue to reveal themselves over repeated listens. None of the songs or parts overstays their welcome, and the changes never come too soon.

There are many more facets to Small Arms Dealer than almost any contemporaries in the punk-rock scene, yet these guys never relinquish their core desire to rock, straight up, holding nothing in reserve. It is this passion that drives the musicians and allows them to branch out while maintaining a firm identity throughout the 12 songs, and will likely see the band rise to the top of the recently resurgent punk-rock heap.