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Half-Handed Cloud – Halos & Lassos

Half-Handed CloudHalos & LassosBefore I put this album on the other day, I honestly (ok, not honestly, but for the sake of crappy humor) would have thought “twee pop” referred to the sound a Keebler Elf made after eating too many chocolate sandwich cookies. It was a word that wasn’t an active entry in my lexicon and a genre I hadn’t the … [Read more...]

Various Artists – Take Action! Volume 5

Various ArtistsTake Action! Volume 5The Take Action! Volume 5 compilation is a double-disc collection of bands most people should be familiar with. The material is found mostly in the Warped Tour realm, covering the whole screamo pack to the punk-rock side of things. The included demo, acoustic, and unreleased tracks amount to only six out of … [Read more...]

UHF – All Our Golden Tomorrows

UHFAll Our Golden TomorrowsAll Our Golden Tomorrows is Portland-based pop rockers UHF's fourth full-length release. Continuing the progression from 2002's If it Was Easy, this release further explores atmospheric, almost psychedelic elements in addition to the band's sunny pop-rock sound. At first listen, All Our Golden Tomorrows seems like … [Read more...]

The Cherry Valence – TCV3

The Cherry ValenceTCV3The Cherry Valence’s one and only innovation may be in having not one drummer/frontman (relatively rare, though not freakishly exotic) but two. That, I believe, is a first. This factoid, coupled with the bands’ taste for muscle flexing riff-rock from the halcyon days of the early 70s, leads one to expect a mightier battering … [Read more...]

The Elected – Sun, Sun, Sun

The ElectedSun, Sun, SunIn a land filled with iPods, cell phone cameras, and wireless Internet, it’s hard to believe that rustic, roots-oriented music could still exist on this planet, but if you search long and hard enough in your town you’re sure to find a group of shaggy-dudes in 70s replica western shirts purchased at the Gap (and manufactured … [Read more...]

The Bonapartes – S/T EP

The BonapartesS/T EPThe Bonapartes' self-titled (and apparently self-released) EP shows a DC band making music that doesn't sound DC-based. Instead, it sounds like a lot of what's coming out of New York these days, which is another way of saying that it sounds like an update of what was coming out of Britain in the 80s and early 90s... in a good … [Read more...]

Gist – Diesel City

GistDiesel CityGist's Diesel City is mostly composed of mid-tempo guitar rock with a traditional guitar, bass, drums, vocals set-up. There are occasional flashes of songwriting brilliance, but most of the time this album is just alright. Never do these songs actually stink, but they usually don't excel either. Diesel City is a very … [Read more...]

Green Milk from the Planet Orange – City Calls Revolution

Green Milk from the Planet OrangeCity Calls RevolutionAs introductions go, the beginning of the first track off Green Milk from the Planet Orange’s City Calls Revolution is cloaked in deception. It starts with a faint, echoing electronic pulse, the almost distant flutter of a mutated telephone isolated in outer space, and slowly unfurls to include … [Read more...]

Leaving Rouge – Elsewhere

Leaving RougeElsewhereHave you ever found yourself in the local Starbucks, discussing the latest episode of The OC, digging through your messenger bag (the one adorned with the Bright Eyes and Death Cab for Cutie patches) for your iPod, and realized you were in an oddly contemplative, pouty mood? Pay attention, you will soon have something to put … [Read more...]

Stray From the Path – Our Oceania

Stray From the PathOur OceaniaStray From the Path plays really boring, mathy metal-core in the vein of groups like Psyopus, Dillinger Escape Plan, and Ed Gein. I'd be willing to bet that if you like any of those groups then this record would be right up your alley. Personally, I find the growly vocals and noodle til' you puke guitars a total … [Read more...]