Holy Sons – The Fact Facer

Holy Sons
The Fact Facer

The Holy Sons is the project of one Emil Amos, who started the project in 1992 after the hardcore band he was playing with broke up. He recorded nearly 1,000 songs but never cared much for releases, and the first three albums are essentially out of print, but a fourth, I Want to Live a Peaceful Life, is planned for a bit more publicity.

“The Fact Facer,” from My Only Warm Coals, is a moody piece, as all the songs I’ve sampled from the band’s myspace page seem to be. It rides bass and a soft beat, and Amos’ voice is low but steady, matching the head-bobbing pace nicely. Synths provide the foundation of the song, giving it a bit of a Cure or Depeche Mode type of feel. It has some moments of almost nothing, though, as odd bits of sampled recordings or studio sounds mix in.

I get the sense that The Holy Sons has a folk sensibility to it, but Amos uses some synth and studio effects, plus samples and recordings, to provide a more unique and inventive sound to some of his songs. It’s a nice touch, and “The Fact Facer” is an interesting – if a tad short – sampling.