A Perfect Murder – Strength Through Vengeance

A Perfect Murder
Strength Through Vengeance

The metalcore genre bores the hell out of me. It’s just not my thing, and A Perfect Murder’s Strength Through Vengeance is what I’m talking about. The band has a distinct Pantera guitar influence, but that does not cancel out the overall boredom.

To sum the band’s sound up, imagine an endless array of chug-chug riffs combined with Southern guitar leads (the Pantera influence). The vocals are gruff and pissed-off, pretty much what I expected to hear.

There’s nothing majorly wrong about this effort besides the clean singing. It’s scarcely used, and for good reason. “Wake Up and Die” has the most of it, and the result is both embarassing and hilarious. Another minor issue is an instrumental called “Time Changes Nothing.” The band attempts to play slower and without vocals, and it’s the most sleep-inducing thing on here.

Maybe this will appeal more to devout metalcore fans. At least it isn’t the most stereotypical band from the genre I’ve ever come across.