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Tim Hecker – Haunt Me Haunt Me, Do it Again

Tim HeckerHaunt Me Haunt Me, Do it AgainWith a departure from his techno projects under the moniker Jetone, Tim Hecker uses his real name on a pretty amazing ambient release for the Alien8 sub-label Substractif. In many respects, Haunt Me Haunt Me, Do it Again is the perfect title for this album, as it does just that. Unfortunately, for many the … [Read more...]

Grails – Interpretations EP

GrailsInterpretations EPWhen you drive through a city in the hours just before sunrise, it’s like discovering a new life. People are busy everywhere, taking care of business under the night sky as the city sleeps. Lights flash under the moonlight as street sweepers hustle down the roads, and the piercing sound of broken glass fills the air when … [Read more...]

Mercury Radio Theatre – The Blue-Eyed Model

Mercury Radio TheatreThe Blue-Eyed ModelThe Blue-Eyed Model continues to show Mercury Radio Theater to be twisted concept artists with a penchant for wicked math-rock instrumentals. This album follows up the band's debut, The Death and Life of the Undead Boy, and these guys have definitely grown since then. The Blue-Eyed Model has better sound … [Read more...]

Slowride – C/S

SlowrideC/STexas trio Slowride began life as an enjoyable Jawbreaker-influenced pop-punk act with big-rock inflections a la Foo Fighters, then shifted into the world of acoustic country ballads and garage stomp on the second Deep Elm effort. The band's latest sees the artists successfully synthesize both of their previous identities and toss in a … [Read more...]

Interview with The Lesser Birds of Paradise

Mark Janka may have a gift for crafting frighteningly fragile acoustic lullabies, but, when it comes to spinning tales about his band’s enigmatic name, the tender-voiced frontman for Lesser Birds of Paradise admits he’s at a loss for words. “I thought I made up a lie that was a good story for that, but I forgot the story,” said Janka during a … [Read more...]

Fields of Gaffney – Cosmic Chicken and Egg

Fields of GaffneyCosmic Chicken and EggOnce upon a time, two gentlemen, one by the name of Lou and the other named Eric, set out and started a band, and they called that band Sebadoh. Little did they know what they were getting in to, or how seminal their music would become for an entire generation of indie-rock fans and so many bands that would … [Read more...]

The Casting Couch – Row Your Boat

The Casting CouchRow Your BoatOn its debut EP, 5 Songs, the Casting Couch sounded equal parts charming, tentative, and amateurish. Row Your Boat, the group’s debut full-length, is a bolder, slicker affair; unlike 5 Songs, it shows real ambition. More interestingly, Row Your Boat finds the alt-country/indie-pop outfit countering its low-key coyness … [Read more...]

Mono – You are There

MonoYou are ThereWhy is everyone always hating on Mono? Look at a few of the reviews for the Japanese post-rockers' last album Walking Cloud and Deep Red Sky, Flag Fluttered and Sun Shined and you'll find nothing but reviewers spewing forth the most vile contempt for the band. Even our own DOA hated on that record, although it made my own personal … [Read more...]

Lack of Knowledge – The Grey CD

Lack of KnowledgeThe Grey CDI love post-punk music, and I was a fan of the style long before it became fashionable in the late 90s to combine powerful guitars, keyboards, melancholic stream-of-consciousness lyrics, passionate singing with a faux-British accent, and the word “The” before your name. Seeing The Chameleons live in Rochester in October … [Read more...]

Howe Gelb – ‘Sno Angel Like You

So complicated and cryptic has Howe Gelb’s recent-day trail of long-players become, that his fragmentary career moves increasingly seem like the Americana equivalent of episodes of cult plane-wrecked-on-a-Southern-Pacific-island TV serial Lost. Thus, there’s often a new name to add to the guest personnel manifest (the likes of M Ward, Neko Case, … [Read more...]