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Jóhann Jóhannsson – Dís

Jóhann JóhannssonDísDís, Jóhann Jóhannsson’s third album and first release on The Worker’s Institute, is a rare blend of contemporary, vivid instrumental pop and soothing melancholy that endears itself to listeners with the first note. Jóhannsson wrote the 15 tracks comprising Dís as the … [Read more...]

Suzukiton – Service Repair Handbook

SuzukitonService Repair HandbookSuzukiton is a Richmond, VA-based band that includes current and former members of stoner-rock favorites Alabama Thunder Pussy. As a departure from ATP’s normal fare, Suzukiton’s music is completely instrumental and is much more technical with heavy nods toward progressive metal and math-rock. The band’s music is … [Read more...]

New Estate – Considering…

New Estate Considering... Considering…, the debut album from Australian indie-rock outfit New Estate, sounds like it was played through blown-out amplifiers whose distortion dials were turned to 10, then recorded onto an old tape deck in a dank basement or messy garage. But beneath all the fuzz are melodic, mid-tempo pop songs. “Dream … [Read more...]

Chad Van Gaalen – Infiniheart

Chad Van GaalenInfiniheartMusician, animator, and illustrator Chad Van Gaalen, from Calgary Canada, writes, performs, and records his eccentric brand of pastiche pop in his bedroom; apparently on lonely nights while contemplating life, death, destruction, and beyond. These 16 tracks were culled from Van Gaalen's recordings over the three-year … [Read more...]

El Alto – The Center of Accident One

El AltoThe Center of Accident OneDomenic Maltempi and Michael Quoma together form the band El Alto, and, with the help of three times as many other people, they have created the album The Center of Accident One. The first thing that strikes you with this CD is the elaborate, cool packaging. The outermost cardboard cover has been die-cut into the … [Read more...]

Dixie Witch – Smoke & Mirrors

Dixie WitchSmoke & MirrorsDixie Witch’s first two releases, 2001’s Into the Sun and 2003’s One Bird Two Stones, are both wonderful albums, but neither was a great overall representation of this Texas band. The discs failed to capture the group’s live show intensity, and therefore they simply served as a tide-over between tours. However, Dixie … [Read more...]

The Mars Volta – Scabdates

The Mars VoltaScabdatesThe Mars Volta is known for its strangeness and grandiose studio albums with large chunks of fatty noise between bursts of brilliant and melodic songwriting. Try and imagine what live experimentation on recorded noise experimentation sounds. If you’re confused or annoyed by what I just said, it’s intentional. Scabdates … [Read more...]

Aroah – En El Patio Interior EP

AroahEn El Patio Interior EPIf you ever listen to the long-running sex-advice talk show Love Line, you’re bound to notice a common abnormality among many of the distressed callers – “the little girl voice”. Within 30 seconds of hearing said voice, Dr. Drew – in all his infinite wisdom – poses the immediate question “who abused you as a child?” … [Read more...]

AIDS Wolf – The Lovvers LP

AIDS WolfThe Lovvers LPOkay, so the band has trendy written all over it. Hailing from Canada with lupine-related band name, AIDS Wolf has been one of the most hyped groups in recent memory. The Lovvers LP was even produced by Arlen Thompson of prestigous 2005 year-end list-toppers Wolf Parade, who also hail from Canada. Are you starting to see the … [Read more...]

Variable Unit – Mayhemistics Outbreaks

Variable UnitMayhemistics OutbreaksHip-hop and jazz have always been associated in the consciousness of musical historians, but rarely have they been unified in practice. It would seem logical; aside from the obvious racial relationship between the two – both were pioneered by cutting-edge black artists – the two genres share an experimental … [Read more...]