Math and Physics Club – Movie Ending Romance EP

Math and Physics Club
Movie Ending Romance EP

I was late to the party with Math and Physics Club’s debut EP, Weekends Away, and then DOA’s late-2005 hiatus caused me to slide perilously behind on reviewing the follow-up EP, Movie Ending Romance. I’m surprised by now the band hasn’t released two full-length albums and been featured on the cover of Billboard. But with a full-length still, apparently, in the works, I feel confident I still have time to allert other late-comers to the pure pop bliss that is the Math and Physics Club.

This Seattle indie-pop band now has two delightful four-song EPs under its belt, and each is a delicious little slab of song and sweet songwriting. Movie Ending Romance has a bit more of a serious feel to it, with strong production that produces light and sweet songs without going completely over to the head-bobbing pop hooks. It provides a nice compliment to Weekends Away in that regard.

The title track opens the album as perhaps the perfect missing link between The Smiths and Belle & Sebastian. Charles, the lead singer, has a nice, less-morose Morrissey feel to his voice, and the song’s light, airy sound compliments that with shimmering guitars to boot. On “White and Grey,” Charles sounds vaguely British, as the soft song takes a more gentle and melancholy feel. The violin, soft keys, and even touches of harmonica are a nice addition to the song. “Graduation Day” feels even more like a Smiths tune, as Charles sings “I’ll sing you a song about the last five seconds of love” over shimmering guitar and a light, poppy beat. The EP closes with a cover of the Beach Boys’ “You’re so Good to Me,” done in a very lo-fi and sweet version, perhaps even sweeter than the original.

This is extremely pleasant stuff, and the EP’s more melancholy bent fits nicely in the middle of winter, while Weekends Away feels like a better summertime release. The band plans on releasing its full-length in the Spring, so get on board now.