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The Spinto Band – Oh Mandy

The Spinto BandOh MandyA warning is necessary before I can give you any information about The Spinto Band: the chorus of the featured song “Oh Mandy” has about a 95% chance of not leaving your head for a dangerously long period of time. Just giving you a heads-up. The Spinto Band basically started about a decade ago after guitarist Nick Krill … [Read more...]

The Never Enders – Air Raid Romance

The Never EndersAir Raid RomanceThis shit all started with mid-90s alternative rockers Hum, Far, and the Deftones, all of whom hit upon their own unique - though vaguely similar - formulas for blending heavy-as-hell riffage with hauntingly beautiful vocal melodies and awesome hooks. New Jersey’s Cure-fixated rockers Thursday took the next logical … [Read more...]

Rosie Thomas – If Songs Could Be Held

Rosie ThomasIf Songs Could Be HeldIf Songs Could Be Held is the sleepy, sometimes treacly new album from Rosie Thomas, her third on the Sup Pop label. She also has a Seattleite's dreamy, rain-soaked temperament. Thomas has a great, subtly dynamic voice and an expert's way with pop-ballad melodies. The 11 songs on If Songs Could Be Held are almost … [Read more...]

Mogwai – Mr. Beast

MogwaiMr. BeastIt’s remarkable that this fifth studio album also marks the 10th or 11th year of Mogwai’s existence. Remarkable in the sense that the five Scots have sustained themselves for so long, whilst remaining so stubbornly unchanged and so sonically untravelled. From day one to the present, their primary influences – Sonic Youth, My Bloody … [Read more...]

The Beatings – If Not Now, Then When? EP

The BeatingsIf Not Now, Then When? EPThis is one of those awkward reviews, coming as it does between a widely praised release that I’ve not heard (2002’s Italiano) and a new disc that is already gracing your general store’s CD racks as we speak (2006’s Holding on to Hand Grenades). This Boston outfit has garnered a fair amount of praise for its … [Read more...]

Sicbay – Suspicious Icons

SicbaySuspicious IconsIt's at times like these that I am glad that I'm not the only reviewer in the world. Because as much as I fluff it up, this review is going to come down to two sentences: 1) Sicbay has a very unique songwriting style. 2) I'm not fond of that songwriting style. These songs clamor and clang with a revolutionary fervor, and … [Read more...]

Adam Gnade – Run Hide Retreat Surrender

Adam GnadeRun Hide Retreat SurrenderThe lofty issues San Diego wordsmith Adam Gnade tackles on Run Hide Retreat Surrender are nothing if not ambitious and far-reaching, chief among them the need to escape jobs, tired relationships, and a prison of substances, sexuality, and social contexts by simply hitting the road. But the long-form narrative … [Read more...]

The City on Film – American Diary EP

The City on FilmAmerican Diary EPThe City on Film has been a solo outlet for the prolific and multi-talented Bob Nanna even during his days fronting Braid and later Hey Mercedes. It wasn't until after Hey Mercedes broke up, however, that Nanna finally was able to release the debut full-length under the City on Film moniker, In Formal Introduction, … [Read more...]

Athlete – Tourist

AthleteTouristEngland’s musical climate seems to be more conducive to heavily orchestrated heart-on-your-sleeve rock than that of the United States; witness Oasis, Coldplay, Stereophonics, etc. For some reason, the Brits seem more capable of producing straight-up pretty rock, while our mainstream-seeking musicians tend to gravitate towards bankrupt … [Read more...]

Struck Down – Revolution

Struck DownRevolutionI am thoroughly convinved that Indianola Records will bring upon us the appocalypse, and not in a good way. I don't think I have ever listened to a record the lable put out without anxiously awaited the end of it. Struck Down is doing absolutely nothing to reverse that trend. Hailing from Erie, PA, Struck Down's members … [Read more...]