Whiskey Rebels – Create or Die

Whiskey Rebels
Create or Die

This right here is a solid example of punk that deserves some recognition. Before receiving Create or Die from the Whiskey Rebels, I had never even heard of the band. These guys are highly impressive, and filler material was obviously left behind because this shows no trace of any.

“Crossroads” begins the effort, but it’s on a different road than the Cream classic. It’s full of charging guitars and bellowed vocals in Hot Water Music fashion. Tracks like “No Heroes in Hell” and “To be Poor is a Crime” infuse both more melody and snarling solos. Speaking of lead guitar, “Disaster” channels classic rock put into hyperdrive. Besides being named after a beloved hardcore band, “Carry On” has some frantic leads that keep the energy at maximum. “Create or Die” is the album’s name and its battle cry of sorts: sincerely pissed off with a soft spot for swearing.

“Reaper Calling” is less of a rager with its optimistic tone and singalong prospects. Another poppier example is “Sex, Thugs, Rock & Roll,” with speedy hooks and a catchy-as-hell chorus. Other positive anthems include “Absolutely Everything” and “Street Corner Gospel,” which precede the final track. The Whiskey Rebels come full circle and close with fiery war commentary in “Peace Through War.”

As long as these guys get some future promotion, there’s no reason they’ll stay unnoticed. Create or Die is unadulterated punk-rock and definitely reccommended.