Various Artists – Take Penacilin Now

Various Artists
Take Penacilin Now

Reviewing compilations in general is a fairly difficult task. When it contains every artist, past and present, that a label has ever put out it becomes increasingly more difficult. So lets go track by track, shall we?

Swallowing Shit – chaotic, noisy grindcore
Warsawpack – angry political spoken word/hip-hop a la Zach De La Rocha
Clann Zu – strange, ambient-ish rock
Bakunin’s Bum – minimal, ambient electronics with a political sample layed over the top
Consolidated – melodic, socially conscious rock with semi-rapped vocals
Submission Hold – atypical rock with foreign language female vocals (previously unreleased)
Greg MacPherson Band – poorly executed southernish garagey rock (previously unreleased)
Propagandhi – poppy melodic punk (exclusive track)
Mico – spacey, atmospheric rock with somewhat emo-ish vocals (previously unreleased)
Randy – energetic garage punk (previously unreleased)
… But Alive – foreign language hardcore/punk
I Spy – emotional punk/hardcore
GFK – metallic hardcore with brutal, burly vocals
Malefaction – violent grind/hardcore/punk
Che: Chapter 127 – weird female fronted rock (yes that is their band name)
Rhythm Activism – minimal guitar and whispered spoken word (previously unreleased)
Hiretsukan – melodic hardcore with vicious screaming vocals (previously unreleased)
The (International) Noise Conspiracy – energetic and slightly heavy garage rock
The Weakerthans – punk (previously unreleased)

So uhh… there you have it. Extremely random and mostly crappy. I’m not sure why anyone would want this.