The January Taxi – Keep Quiet, They Might Hear Us

The January Taxi
Keep Quiet, They Might Hear Us

It has taken me FOREVER to do this review. Usually when I listen to an album a few times through, I have a pretty good idea of what to say in the review, but with January Taxi, the words simply were not coming to mind. Why, you ask? Keep Quiet, They Might Hear us is a middle-of-the-road snoozer.

Simply put, this album is extremely boring. There is no edge, no discernable reason this band exists. The band sort of straddles the line between moments of radio-friendly hooks and indie-minded songwriting with minimal energy or emotion.

The only song with anything resembling dynamics is “Jome.” Other than that, the album plods through very typical chord progressions, lifeless vocals, and uninteresting rhythms.

Don’t take this review the wrong way; this album is not terrible or annoying or anything, it just is in no way entertaining. People listen to music because it is emotional, dynamic, energetic, introspective, etc., but this album is none of the above.