The Decoration – The Territory is the Map

The Decoration
The Territory is the Map

The Decoration was formerly known as Pinq, and before that Pink, and while the new moniker is just as search engine unfriendly, it’s at least a bit more masculine. The San Francisco quartet calls their music both “blissful” and “emotionally charged,” a combination that sounds contrasting until you think of such acts as Godspeed You Black Emperor! and Mogwai. The Decoration’s new album, Science and Sanity offers a nice mixing of Godspeed-esque attention to details and melodicism with the emotional intensity of an emo act like Sunny Day Real Estate, and the end result is a very strong album (available to stream from the band’s website).

Though my favorite track from the release, “Western States,” isn’t available for download, “The Territory is the Map” is a good first listen. Filled with spacey keyboards, melodic guitars, and reasonably strong vocals, the track has a nice flow to it for the entire five-plus minutes. There’s a kind of texture here that I’m always a sucker for, and each listen endears me further to the talented musicians.

I suggest streaming the album if for no other reason than to listen to “Western States,” a track that reminds me of the best songs by The Jim Yoshii Pile-Up. Other songs on Science and Sanity are somewhat more rocking in the emo direction, but there’s not a clunker in the bunch, as evidenced by the fine, flowing “The Territory is the Map.” Nice release. I’m looking forward to hearing more from this maturing band.