Portugal The Man – Stables and Chairs

Portugal The Man
Stables and Chairs

Portugal. The Man (yes, that is the correct way to spell the band name) is well on its way to getting some serious attention, not just because of how absurdly unique the band is, but also from how consistently strong each song from the album Waiter: “You Vultures!” is. Three of the four members call Wasilla, Alaska home, probably the last place you’d expect the next indie sensation to come from. These guys seem to enjoy being outlandish, most evident by their borderline-Sufjan knack for bizarre song and album titles. The name of the band follows suit, coming from an abstract but strangely understandable desire for having a huge scope (like a country – Portugal) while retaining a personal quality (The Man). This is only a hint of their delicious weirdness, and I know you’re already thinking these guys are pretty cool.

Like the vast range that the band name implies, the members of Portugal. The Man craft truly indefinable music that’s all over the place. From proggy guitar-stomping anthems to super-sophisticated smart rock songs to dancey keyboard grooves, it’s pretty much all here in one weird little package glazed over with the band’s own unique flavor. “Stables and Chairs” features a particularly memorable combination of nervous guitars, high, emotional vocals, and fantastic keyboard embellishments. Like early Radiohead but at the same time not at all, it’s basically my new favorite song.

Talk about idiosyncratic. If anyone is going to make Alaska the new indie trend, it’s Portugal. The Man. Keep an eye out; we have a potential band of the year here already.