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Various Artists – Take Penacilin Now

Various ArtistsTake Penacilin NowReviewing compilations in general is a fairly difficult task. When it contains every artist, past and present, that a label has ever put out it becomes increasingly more difficult. So lets go track by track, shall we? Swallowing Shit - chaotic, noisy grindcore Warsawpack - angry political spoken word/hip-hop a … [Read more...]

Fordirelifesake – A Daydream Disaster

FordirelifesakeA Daydream DisasterInteresting... Back when it was ok for underground music fans to like emocore, these guys sucked. So now, after the sound has been butchered to death, rehashed, and rehashed, and rehashed, and rehashed until it resulted in the abomination known as Hawthorne Heights, Thorp is releasing an odds-and-ends collection by … [Read more...]

Cordova – Lie Until it Becomes the Truth EP

CordovaLie Until it Becomes the Truth EPFirst off, Cordova ain’t gettin’ any love for their artwork. To be blunt, the stuff is ugly - red and white minimalism based around a mouth with hooker-red lipstick, it’s not a very attractive rendition of the female body, even if they do have an artfully photographed nude in the booklet art (nothing … [Read more...]

Bellafea – Split 7"

BellafeaSplit 7"One of the advantages of reviewing split 7” records is that there’s always a ‘saving grace’ possibility – i.e., if one band’s music sucks hard, the other band could possibly be awesome enough to change the gravitational pull of the universe, thus saving the existence of the vinyl. One of the disadvantages of 7” records is that, … [Read more...]

Tiger Saw – Sing!

Tiger Saw Sing! I was ready to fall in love with Tiger Saw. The cover of the group’s third record, Sing!, was my introduction, and it certainly made a good first impression on me. How could I not fall for birds perched on flower-sprouting cameras against the backdrop of a pastel-purple sunset? It looked as cute as a twee-pop album cover only … [Read more...]

Hanin Elias – Future Noir

Hanin EliasFuture NoirHanin Elias is a cornerstone of the modern goth/electronic scene, as well as one of its better-known figures. This is part of the reason why her third solo album is such a disappointment – if this is the best that the genre has to offer, it is surprising that so many people still invest themselves in this music. As part of … [Read more...]

In Arcadia – If it Bleeds, We Can Kill It

In ArcadiaIf it Bleeds, We Can Kill ItMan, I hate overachievers. I say that with baited tongue, cause a lot of people consider me one of “those types,” but seriously. When there’s that one guy who tries everything and mostly succeeds at all of it, that hacks me off. Leave some space for the other guys, why don’t you? And so when an overachiever … [Read more...]

Turin Brakes – Jack in a Box

Turin BrakesJack in a BoxIn Philly, WXPN is the mighty Adult Alternative behemoth that has convinced a thousand exurban Volvo-pilots that they are somehow “with it.” Under the aegis of the University of Pennsylvania, it broadcasts in impeccable fidelity over a large area, has its own state-of-the-art concert hall, and is home to the widely … [Read more...]

Kudzu Wish – En Route EP

Kudzu WishEn Route EPKudzu Wish was one of those bands that sounded great on album but somehow found a totally different realm in a live setting. The band plays a style of melodic yet ferocious pop-influenced punk... or punk-influenced pop, it's hard to say. The guitars are fast yet possessing a just-barely restrained pop structure, and the vocals … [Read more...]

Picastro – Metal Cares

PicastroMetal CaresToronto's Picastro had a good thing going with its debut album, Red Your Blues on Pehr Records. After having seduced many reviewers with its ghostly atmospheric sound, leaving many people to stretch out of their seats looking for comparisons that range from wily indie babes to post-rock instrumentalists from countries where … [Read more...]