Modern Life is War – Witness

This is easily one of the better hardcore releases I’ve heard in a long time. If you consider yourself a fan of melodic hardcore, you need to buy this ASAP. Modern Life is War plays modern melodic hardcore with some of the most emotionally intense lyrics and vocals around. Jeffrey Eaton, if anything, has improved his performance from the band’s previous effort, My Love, My Way.

Compared to My Love, My Way, Witness slows the tempo a bit, but it only adds impact to the emotive qualities of the band. The guys use dual melodic guitars that tie and untie themselves around some of the best melodies this side of Envy. When imagining the melody, don’t think metal or emo, think of lush, hypnotic melody.
The lead line of the track “D.E.A.D.R.A.M.O.N.E.S.” is hardcore’s answer to the Foo Fighter’s “Everlong.” “John and Jimmy” almost has a post-hardcore thing going on with a lot of dissonant textures and jarring chord phrasings. And just wait for album closer, “Hair Raising Accounts of Restless Ghosts (AKA Hell is for Heroes Part II),” as it reaches a dramatic climax for a fitting ending.

Modern Life is War isn’t that heavy or fast, it doesn’t bring the mosh, and it isn’t old-school. These guys make up a (gasp) unique hardcore band that is doing exactly what they want to do, and they are doing it well, and with heart.