Fordirelifesake – A Daydream Disaster

A Daydream Disaster

Interesting… Back when it was ok for underground music fans to like emocore, these guys sucked. So now, after the sound has been butchered to death, rehashed, and rehashed, and rehashed, and rehashed until it resulted in the abomination known as Hawthorne Heights, Thorp is releasing an odds-and-ends collection by the band. And these guys still suck.

Forthosenotfamiliar (funny, eh?), Fordirelifesake tried to simultaneously rip off the sounds of older Poison the Well, Zao, and any number of lame emocore bands. Take a base of ultra-melodic leads, throw in some chunky mosh riffs, Zao-esque lizard vocals, and a slight metallic lean, and you get the basic idea.

Although I feel that two paragraphs is already giving Fordirelifesake too much credit, here goes. This genre is dead. When the genre was briefly “alive,” these guys were still hack-jobs. The only reason anyone should buy this is if they are diehard fans, as it does collect most of their non-album material. Other than that, no way.