Alcian Blue – Angelica Take Me Down

Alcian Blue
Angelica Take Me Down

The DC band Alcian Blue takes a page from some of the more emphatic shoegaze bands like Slowdive as well as predecessors of that sound like Joy Division and early Cure. The band’s sound revolves around layered drum beats, plenty of synths, and a textured, swirling sound. Although the songs the band offers for download (you can also stream the band’s songs on its website) can lean toward the more laidback, the band has a reputation for being loud and intense.

That can be seen on “Angelica Take Me Down.” Starting with a squall of guitar, the song explodes when the drums come in, combining manic guitars and beats and offering low-end, moody vocals. The whole thing is frenetic and crazy, yet there’s a kind of cohesion that remains evident, perhaps by contrasting the moodier, echoed vocals with the powerful and textured guitars.

I can’t help but imagine the kind of show these guys put on. I have no idea how many guitarists it would take to reproduce the intensity of “Angelica Take Me Down,” but it would be fun to see. Although the production quality isn’t great, the end result is something intense and intricately textured. Nice stuff.