A Wilhelm Scream – Ruiner

A Wilhelm Scream plays speedy pop-punk mixed with some hardcore-ish aesthetics and a lot of emotive melody. Sound familiar? Yeah, it basically sounds like Good Riddance, H20, Propagandhi, AFI, etc. Are these guys doing anything new and exciting? Not so much, but it is ok for what it is.

The main difference between A Wilhelm Scream and the above-mentioned bands is that these other bands were doing this style of music years ago and usually with more energy and passion. A Wilhelm Scream has a more modern feel to its sound via a heavier production and a more modern emo tinge.

The vocals are the real selling point for A Wilhelm Scream, with a nice balance between melodic singing and forceful yelling. The singer never really screams, but he has a lot of drive behind his voice, really reinforcing the melodies. And the band never gets too poppy or over the top with the melodies, but it does flirt with a more radio-friendly sound. Namely, the singer tends to let up on the vocals and venture into more whiney territory during the choruses.

I’m not completely convinced that these guys aren’t just another emo/hardcore band trying to get some radio play, but they are much better than a lot of crap that is played on the radio. So from that perspective, A Wilhelm Scream is good, but for the average fan looking for something a little more original or rooted in the underground, look elsewhere.