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Emergency Broadcast System – S/T EP

Emergency Broadcast SystemS/T EPEmergency Broadcast System opens with the wordless “A Silent March,” drifting towards the gloom and doom which permeates the dancy sludge-pop that follows. The rest of the album melds into a journey deep into Hell, filled with dance fever - but in a very good way. Each track is only distinguishable from the last … [Read more...]

Coffinberry – From Now on Now EP

CoffinberryFrom Now on Now EPFor a town that brought us the football playing career of Jim Brown, the voice of Bart Simpson, and the original home of the American Progressive Party – not to mention such rock luminaries as Pere Ubu, the Raspberries, and Devo – Cleveland sure does get a bad rap. The Forest City-based Coffinberry and this scruffy, … [Read more...]

A Wilhelm Scream – Ruiner

A Wilhelm ScreamRuinerA Wilhelm Scream plays speedy pop-punk mixed with some hardcore-ish aesthetics and a lot of emotive melody. Sound familiar? Yeah, it basically sounds like Good Riddance, H20, Propagandhi, AFI, etc. Are these guys doing anything new and exciting? Not so much, but it is ok for what it is. The main difference between A … [Read more...]

The Fiction – The Titus EP 7"

The FictionThe Titus EP 7"There are great things to be expected of a hardcore-ish band that once named an album I Told Her That I Like Living in a Box. The Fiction lives up to those expectations with this 7” offering, The Titus. The Fiction’s vocals are straight-up, sand-in-the-throat hardcore, though the music backing them usually sounds more … [Read more...]

Portugal The Man – Stables and Chairs

Portugal The ManStables and ChairsPortugal. The Man (yes, that is the correct way to spell the band name) is well on its way to getting some serious attention, not just because of how absurdly unique the band is, but also from how consistently strong each song from the album Waiter: “You Vultures!” is. Three of the four members call Wasilla, Alaska … [Read more...]

This Moment – Finding a Voice in the Dark

This MomentFinding a Voice in the DarkFinding a Voice in the Dark is one of the saddest creations to emerge from recent hardcore. From somewhere on the West Coast hails This Moment, with a terrible album in tow. You can file this under MTV2-ready hardcore that should be avoided at all costs. This is one of "those bands" who mistakenly … [Read more...]

The January Taxi – Keep Quiet, They Might Hear Us

The January TaxiKeep Quiet, They Might Hear UsIt has taken me FOREVER to do this review. Usually when I listen to an album a few times through, I have a pretty good idea of what to say in the review, but with January Taxi, the words simply were not coming to mind. Why, you ask? Keep Quiet, They Might Hear us is a middle-of-the-road … [Read more...]

James Combs – Nice Dream if You Can Get It

James CombsNice Dream if You Can Get ItJames Combs opens Nice Dream if You Can Get It with the breezy, irresistible “OK it’s Sunday.” Starting off your fourth album with such a terrific song – Lou Reed and Paul Simon would blush with humility at the track’s greatness – is ambitious and risky. The album’s other 11 songs generally maintain a high … [Read more...]

Immortal Lee County Killers – These Bones Will Rise to Love You Again

Immortal Lee County KillersThese Bones Will Rise to Love You AgainThere was a time not too long ago that you could count on the Immortal Lee County Killers for manic, trashy punk-blues with distorted vocals. However, the group’s latest release, These Bones Will Rise to Love You Again, is a wholy different animal - one that’s sleeker and more toned … [Read more...]

Darker My Love – Summer is Here EP

Darker My LoveSummer is Here EPThis little three-song teaser from Darker My Love gives a glimpse into what this fledgling band has in store for its first full-length. Drawing inspiration from the once-again growing LA noisy pysch-rock scene, the band is quite a jump from what band members Tim Presley (formally of Nerve Agents) and Andy Outbreak … [Read more...]