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Radiateur – Brasil

RadiateurBrasilThis is probably by far my most favorite song I have reviewed so far. I have really started to enjoy scouring the myspace for foreign bands, because sometimes you will stumble upon little gems like this. Radiateur are from France, & play amazing warm & catchy instrumental rock in the vein of old Euphone, Pele, The Letter E, & the … [Read more...]

Jake Stigers – No Vacancy

Jake StigersNo VacancyJake Stigers knows his way around a hook and his second album No Vacany makes that abundantly clear. But, the production and overall feel of this record represent an MOR mentality that ultimately limits the album from a creative standpoint. And how can they call seven songs an album. Keep in my, this is not a seven song … [Read more...]

Instrumental Quarter – Traffic Jam

Instrumental QuarterTraffic JamSickroom Records has made a name for itself by bringing many European math and post-rock acts to the attention of fans Stateside, and they continue the tradition with Traffic Jam, their second offering from Italian quartet Instrumental Quarter. While the band’s brand of jazzy, laid-back instrumental post-rock is … [Read more...]

Nueva Vulcano – Split

Nueva VulcanoSplitThe band composed most famously of Shiner's frontman has been kicking around for a few years now. The Life and Times have a worldly philosophy, releasing music everywhere and touring overseas since their inception. This split contains three tracks from both The Life and Times and Nueva Vulcano, a Spanish band (you probably … [Read more...]

Saturnin – Pied De Nez

SaturninPied De NezAnother incredible find on myspace. I should write Fox a thank you letter for not turning myspace into a pay site yet, which will probably happen soon in the future since myspace funds are used to pay for Rupert Murdoch's extravagant apartment in New York. I think it costs something like a hundred thousand a month? I am pretty … [Read more...]

The Jet Age – Breathless

The Jet AgeBreathlessI wanted to like this album. I don’t even know why but I just did. Perhaps my optimism was brought on by the excitement of knowing I had a trip planned to the coast for the weekend right in time for one of the biggest storms they’ve had in years. Hey, who doesn’t love big waves? But despite my continual optimism as I … [Read more...]

Fair To Midland – The Drawn And Quartered EP

Fair To MidlandThe Drawn And Quartered EPThis quintet from Texas take their name from the old saying "fair to middling", meaning moderately good. A term that also comes in handy in summing up the music on The Drawn And Quartered EP. That is if you like heavy-handed, schizoid-rock trying to pass itself off as prog-rock. There's not much variation … [Read more...]

Thom Yorke – Spitting Feathers EP

Thom YorkeSpitting Feathers EPShakespeare wrote that brevity is the soul of wit. Perhaps Thom Yorke should have taken heed of those words in 2006. Yorke’s first solo disc, The Eraser, was released in July; while there was much fanfare, the disc fell flat on with some of listeners (most of whom seemed to unfairly expect the musical ‘rapture’ to come … [Read more...]

Jeniferever – You Only Move Twice

JenifereverYou Only Move TwiceOk, so I am taking my advice now, and this is going to start following a thematic flow so you could make a mixtape with all the songs and not have them be too different. Jeniferever play a sweet brand of dreamy indie pop, falling somewhere between The Album Leaf and Owen. If that doesn't get you overly excited about … [Read more...]

Rifu – Bombs for Food, Mines for Freedom

RifuBombs for Food, Mines for FreedomHardcore is a cruel mistress. Fickle fans are quick to dismiss bands for being unoriginal; yet music straying from established preferences gets tossed aside just as easily. Most listeners will lump Norway's RIFU into one of these categories, and really, it doesn't matter which one. RIFU get pushed back and … [Read more...]