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Embrace Today – We are the Enemy

Embrace TodayWe are the EnemySince its inception in 2001, Embrace Today has worked relentlessly to spread the word about the band, touring with an arrangement of bands including Bleeding Through and Champion. It isn't really all that hard to see why, as the sound is the middle ground between the energy of old-school hardcore and the rhythmic … [Read more...]

Isis – Oceanic Remixes / Reinterpretations

IsisOceanic Remixes / ReinterpretationsAhhhhh yes, the remix record. I've seen so many of these things come and go in my time as a record collecting nerd. I think the remix record is one of those bizzare additions to an artists' catalog that seems like an appropriate purchase only for diehard fans in most cases. Most of the time, the remix record … [Read more...]

Matt Ruby – I Never Do This Sort of Thing

Matt RubyI Never Do This Sort of ThingMatt Ruby, ex-frontman of a band called Plastics Hi-Fi, makes his solo debut with I Never Do This Sort of Thing. It's a solo album in the truest sense, as Ruby performs and produces all 10 tracks on his own. Ruby has a smorgasboard of influences, from new-wave to punk to arena rock to dance, and I Never Do This … [Read more...]

Kanye West – Late Registration

Kanye WestLate RegistrationEver since hip-hop began as the manifestation of the frustration brewing on crime-ridden and poverty-stricken streets, it has played the role of the ugly stepchild to rock in the mainstream. Obviously, the mainstream has recently fully embraced hip-hop as a marketing phenomenon, granting the genre full musical legitimacy … [Read more...]

Doug Hoekstra – Six Songs EP

Doug HoekstraSix Songs EPFew singer/songwriters have the drive and ability to release two records in the same year. Fewer still can do so without throwing quality control out the window. Nashville-based singer/songwriter Doug Hoekstra is among a small group of artists with two releases to his name this year already, and surprisingly (or not, if … [Read more...]

The Makers – Everybody Rise!

The MakersEverybody Rise!Holy shit, it's the Makers! Hide your impressionable young children and lock up your daughters! Yes folks, this is rock and roll, pure and unadorned and coming in straight from those strange, heady days when the term was synonymous with such archaic concepts like "danger" and "rebellion." Sure, the Makers' shtick is … [Read more...]

Various Artists – Blues Masters Volume 8: Mississippi Delta Blues

Various ArtistsBlues Masters Volume 8: Mississippi Delta BluesMonday morning, when the first accounts of the devastating hurricane that rocked Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama filtered in, after gratefully learning my relatives were safe, my shallow thoughts turned to my one true obsession - music. "Is Clarksdale, MS - legendary home of Muddy … [Read more...]

Premonitions of War – Split CD

Premonitions of WarSplit CDWell, this certainly is an interesting predicament! I have always wanted to know what Benumb sounds like, and here we are. I wish I could say that I think it is great but ... yeah ... I don't think so. I'm just going to get the Premonitions of War stuff out of the way and then we'll talk about Benumb. First I'd like … [Read more...]

Beck – Guero

BeckGueroMore than a decade since “Loser” and Mellow Gold brought his name to the masses, Beck remains a critics’ darling, releasing dynamic albums that sometimes seem to get too many easy compliments from the writers. Nonetheless, for his latest album, Guero, Beck genuinely deserves the glowing feedback he has received. Guero is Beck’s most … [Read more...]

Chatham County Line – Philadelphia – Rittenhouse Square, PA – 2005-08-24

Chatham County LineWhere: Philadelphia - Rittenhouse Square, PA.When: 2005-08-24When I heard North Carolina band Chatham County Line would be planning a free show in Rittenhouse Square I couldn’t have been happier. I’ve been hooked on the group’s recent release, Route 23, for a while now, and I’m certainly not one to pass up a free show featuring a … [Read more...]