Mercury Switch – Time to Shine

Mercury Switch
Time to Shine

Mercury Switch plays fairly standard metalcore with chugging mosh parts, dissonant textures, lightly technical runs, etc. Scars of Tomorrow comes to mind, and both bands bore me to death, but whatever.

Tracks 1-6 are exactly what I state above, but tracks 7-11 are actually a conceptual piece called “The Invitation of the Reaper” broken up into five tracks. This is where the album gets a little bit interesting.

Pt. 1 of the saga is an instrumental called “Introducing the Keeper of Caskets” that melts into another fairly standard metalcore track called “Getting to Know a Shadow.” From there, Pt. 3, “The Devil’s a Woman Tonight,” kicks off with a Kind Diamond-styled falsetto wail and has mostly cleanly sung power-metal vocals, which is a ballsy move for a metalcore band. Then “Standing on the Edge of Reason” changes the pace yet again with a somber acoustic, folky track with pretty decent clean vocals, making it probably the best track. “The Invitation of the Reaper” concludes with Pt. 5, “Self Despairing Journey,” which is full of slow, menacing riffs and growls, again adding something a little different.

I applaud the effort put into trying to do something a little different. However, Mercury Switch just isn’t that good, so instead of it coming together nicely it sounds jumbled and disjointed. Well, at least they tried.