Embrace Today – We are the Enemy

Embrace Today
We are the Enemy

Since its inception in 2001, Embrace Today has worked relentlessly to spread the word about the band, touring with an arrangement of bands including Bleeding Through and Champion. It isn’t really all that hard to see why, as the sound is the middle ground between the energy of old-school hardcore and the rhythmic bombast of metalcore.

We Are the Enemy is the follow up to 2003’s Soldiers and is precisely where I thought the band would be. These guys have matured a bit, tightened the screws in the songwriting department, and added even more stuttered rhythms. Not to say that the album is predictable, this is just logically where I figured these guys were heading.

“Sing Me a Lullaby” and “The Immortal” are perfect examples of the slightly more metalcore tinged sound with a few breakdowns and an overall chunkier feel than in the past. “Bullets Over Boston” sounds like it could have come off Soldiers, with a sound based more in a traditional hardcore aesthetic.

Although this album is a step up, I’m still not totally convinced by Embrace Today. It is a decent enough band, but it isn’t doing anything I haven’t heard hundreds of times before. Note that if you are wary of straight-edge rhetoric, it would be in your best interests to stay away from this one. I once saw these guys live, and the singer said “If you are smoking a cigarette right now, fuck you!” I respect straight edge, and I certainly hate second-hand smoke as much as the next guy, but why alienate your fans like that?